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Adopting Localized SEO Strategy

Posted on : 05-08-2008 at 0200 hrs
Author : Rif Chia

Geographical Targeting

You may be a Small Medium Business, yet you can still have the opportunity to rank higher than your multi-national competitors in terms of SERPs. How should you go about doing so?

No one can understand the local market better than the local companies. By combining your local knowledge and adopting a localized SEO strategy, you will be able to rank better in your country.

Why is Localized SEO Strategy Important?

Type or and you will be automatically redirected to or WHY? This is because Google and Yahoo gives preference towards local websites within the search results. Singapore companies receive special treatments on and .sg while Hongkong companies on

As the search engine technologies advance, it is very possible that more weight will be given to local factors. For eg. Google is already providing Local Business Center feature. Although we may still notice powerful authority sites ranking high in multiple country extensions, in the future it will be more and more difficult to rank higher in other countries. Eg. Our website ranks well in more than 25 countries.

How Do Adopt Localized SEO Strategy?

1) Domain extension matters. is generally linked to Singapore by the search engines.

2) Google Webmaster Tools provide a feature to geo-target your website's audiences. Choose your country of operation.

3) Create SEO friendly internal url for all your pages.

4) Include your country and office address in the contact page.

5) Onpage Optimization which helps the robot in identifying your business location.

6) Linking with other websites from the same country.

7) Whois - address of registered owner

8) Include your business in Google Local Business Center or Yahoo Local Business Directory

9) Engage a professional SEO consultant who understand the techniques of localized SEO. (Only if you are not SEO savvy)

Localized SEO Strategy


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