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Building Quality Links

Posted on : 05-08-2008 at 2312 hrs
Author : Rif Chia

Quality Links

Articles about getting Quality Links have been posted throughout the Web but do you really understand Quality when linking is involved? Okay for those who are unsure, inbound links are links to your website from other websites. In the past, many webmasters bought thousand and thousand of paid links in order to rank their websites in the top page or attain high PR value. However in today's context, buying paid links has been identified by Google as a "NOT TO DO" technique and many websites have been badly penalized due to this reason. You want good rankings? Ensure your inbound links are quality ones and you are somewhere there.

Find Out Your Niche
Every business has its own niche and its own market. Unless you are a universal globalized business, you should be able to good use of linking strategies to convert curious visitors into potential buyers. Knowing your niche is your first path to success.

Where They Visit
Now that you know who and where is your market, get ready to do some serious in depth studies. Find out which are the websites that your potential customers normally visit and generate a whole long list of them. By knowing where your potential customers might visit, you can easily target your advertisements.

Shortlisting The Candidates
Now that you got a long list of all the possible websites, it is time to choose which are the ones that are more related to your business and group them into a smaller list. Rank these possible websites accordingly to their Alexa traffic ranks, retain the top 200 websites.

Advertising Or Exchange Links?
Whether you are going to advertise or make links exchange will depend on which type of websites they belong to. Free services, business-orientated, articles, directories or etc.. Naturally, exchanging links and creating some sort of a partnership would eventually be the cheapest and the easiest way out. Alternatively, you can also consider exchanging advertising space with those business-orientated websites which can benefits both parties. Whichever way you decide, getting links from these shortlisted websites are known as quality links.

Tags: SEO, Link Building

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