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Outranking Your Competitors In SERPs

Posted on : 10-08-2008 at 0347 hrs
Author : Rif Chia

Outranking Your Competitors   

Today's topic is on How To Outrank Your Competitors in the search engine results and i would like to introduce one simple strategy which is tested and proven to be effective.

The 4 Steps Strategy
1) Analyze the factors that influence your competitors' ranking.
2) Compare the analysis against your site's ranking.
3) Based on whatever your competitors have done and are currently doing, apply the same to your site.
4) Do more than what your competitors are doing or have done.

It may sound simple,however it requires lots of skill and time to attain the targeted result. Lets start by asking yourself some questions.

What Has He Done Or Is Currently Doing?
This should be the first question that you will be asking when you looked at your top ranking competitors with envy. It is time for lots of research work on some of your top competitors. EG. Find out how many incoming links and the quality of those links, How old is his domain?, Is his site included in those authority sites out there such as DMOZ? How many of his pages are indexed?

While you can't do much to change the onpage and offpage optimization of your competitors' site, you can still outrank him by replicating whatever he has done and do more than what he is doing. Understand? Okay, lets face it - Understanding your competitors is the key to success.

Are you going in the right direction? Since you have already done up some serious research work on your competitors, it is time to do the same research on your own website. Now that you have a clearer picture of what's happening, it is time to move on to the real thing. If you are having lesser backlinks than your competitors, then work on it and make sure that you are at least close to them.

What Are The Factors That I Can Duplicate?
Look at the factors that contribute to your competitors' rankings. Choose those that are right and apply the same old trick (You will require some advanced knowledge on What's Good And Bad). Eg. Place your links on all the websites that your competitors are in (Only the "Good ONES"), Increase your domain expiration date will help too.

What Are The Things That I Can Do Better?
There are many factors that can contribute to ranking high in the SERPs. Find out those that your competitors aren't doing and apply those tricks on your website. For onpage optimization, make sure you have included alt tags in your images, title tag in your a href tag, have keywords in your title, unique title tag and description tag, having search engine friendly urls, etc. For offpage optimization, make sure your site is included in authority sites such as Yahoo Directory, DMOZ, etc

Well, all the points that i have highlighted above requires you to have at least some basic knowledge of SEO. I will go into more details for each steps in my future posts. Good luck and have fun!

Tags: SEO

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