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Whois Source - SEO Tools Of The Week

Posted on : 11-08-2008 at 0226 hrs
Author : Rif Chia

Domain Tools

SEO Tools Of The Week : Whois Source
Whois Source is a piece of nice tool to use for the optimization of your website. Simply enter your URL and you will be shown all the common whois data, PLUS other factors such as Relevancy, Links In, Alexa Ranking, SEO Score, etc. It is not only useful for optimizing your site for better results, it can also be used to research on your competitors.

I did an analysis of and these are the results :

Whois Source Results

As you can see above, this tool provides you most of the basic information which is self explanatory such as how relevant is your description or title. The Links however is not a comprehensive analysis of the amount of backlinks, so i will suggest you to stick on to whichever backlink analyzer that you are currently using. The feature i want to highlight is its SEO Text Browser which in my context is how the spider views a page reading from the top left till the bottom right.

SEO Text Browser
In case you are unsure, robots or search engine crawlers read web pages differently from a human. SEO Text Browser has the ability to show you things in an angle from the view of the robots.

Clicking on the Browser once will expand the view. Now take a look at your webpage again, isn't it different from how it is supposed to look? (Most cases it is)

In the expanded view, there is a "i" icon. Click on it and you will be able to see in details about the Meta Tags, Keywords, Relevancy, Links, etc.

On the top, this tool will also give you advices on what you are supposed to work on to make things better. Enough of talk, lets take a look at our result. Ignore the keyword phrases advices because i am using the homepage of our website which is optimized for a number of keywords.

SEO Text Browser

SEO Text Browser Result

Tags: SEO, Tools

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