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Relationship Between Offline and Online Marketing

Posted on : 01-09-2008 at 2056 hrs
Author : Rif Chia

Offline Marketing vs Online Marketing   

The development of search engines is now becoming one of the best medium used in reaching out to the targeted audiences worldwide which led us into analyzing the relationship between offline and online marketing.

As effective as it may be, Organic SEO and PPC is simply the creation of simple marketing concepts, derived from the idea of offline marketing.

With that in mind, by understanding the similarities between Offline Marketing and Online Marketing, there may be new things or ideas that we can actually learn from SEO.

Understanding Your Potential Clients
A well planned SEO campaign is to know what people are searching for and which are the terms used in performing searches. In Online or Internet Marketing, this can be done properly by performing detailed researches on niched keyword terms using keyword research tools and search engine trending tools. The same applies to Offline Marketing where techniques are used to measure and understand potential clients' needs and their approaches towards fulfiling their needs. For example, which medium does a person approaches when they wish to purchase a car? Car review magazines are one of those used by many and by placing advertisements on it, you are naturally reaching out to your potential clients.

Providing Them With What They're Looking For
SEO is about attracting people who knows what they're looking for by providing them with relevant products or services. To be visible in the search engines, you need to project the right impression to the robots, stating clearly that the page is highly related to the search query. In this way, your website will be within the top results being matched and displayed in the SERPs.

This matching concept works similarly with Offline Marketing. As an internet business owner, i have no shortage of options when outsourcing my telemarketing projects. However, if given a choice between a generalised marketing firm and a telemarketing firm, i will definitely pick the latter which offers a more focused solution. The most ideal match normally wins the deal. Be specific, focused and niche-driven.

Building Links and Authority
In SEO, having a link pointing towards your website is a message to the search engines that your site has a vote from an external party. By building quality and relevant links from trusted sources, you are actually building the authority of your website in the industry. Similarly, you can also deliver a bad impression of your site by getting links from irrelevant and penalized websites.

In Offline Marketing, building links works the same way as building relationship with your clients, referrers and partners. By relating your business with other reputable companies, naturally your business will be seen as an authority and a trusted source too.

Having The Best Of Both Worlds
A good business marketing campaign is by implementing the best of both the Online and Offline elements. There are obviously much more similarities between these two elements, do share with us what other similar points that you can discover.

Tags: Internet Marketing, SEO

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