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Find Everything About A Website Using Quarkbase

Posted on : 08-09-2008 at 2307 hrs
Author : Rif Chia


Quarkbase is a new powerful web tool which has the ability to find lots of information about a website. It offers an organized and detailed overview, complete with summary, WHOIS information, social popularity, traffic information and PLUS latest blog posts and blogging information about the site.

To start using this new web tool, simply enter the domain name and click "Search" button. I tried to search for and due to the fact that it was the first time someone ever tried to search for, they prompted a message saying "Please wait for 30 Secs". With only a click of button, it is the easiest way that i will ever need to find out detailed information about a particular client or even my competitors.

Search Everything About A Website

Below is a screenshot of the overview of my search result. To view my site's full results, go to this page.

Result Of

This tool may be a rather new application, but it has the true potential to become the next "frequently used tool" for website optimization with its easy user interface and appealing design. Quarkbase developers, if you guys happen to read this post, you may consider adding SEO values to the tool itself. Features such as Pagerank of the domain, inbound links, Dmoz, Yahoo Directory, BOTW, outbound links could be added to transform the tool into a truly informative one and giving webmasters more reasons to use it everyday. What do you guys think? Any areas of improvements?

Tags: Tools

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