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Cligs Provides SEO Friendly URL Shortening Service With Built-In Analytics

Posted on : 21-09-2008 at 0053 hrs
Author : Rif Chia


There are a number of URL Shortening services out in the market, however many of them are just a duplication of another by using the same idea over and over again.

Have an existing idea? How about taking it into a new level by value-adding the idea? This is exactly what Cligs has done with their URL Shortening Service which is enhanced by built-in analytics reports and some other value-added features which we will be looking at in this post.

1) Cligs introduced built-in analytics which allows its users to track the performance of each Clig created in the account. Below is an overview of the analytic data which you will be receiving:

  • Total number of hits
  • Referral statistics
  • Recent mentions of the clig itself on twitter
  • Recent links (mentions) of the clig on blogs
  • Recent web links to the clig
  • Recent mentions of the destination URL on twitter
  • Recent blog links to the destination
  • Recent blog links to the destination
  • Recent web links to the destination
  • Delicious bookmarks of the destination
  • Total number of links to the destination

2) Unlimited No. of Cligs for the same destination URL
Wish to track which websites is bringing in more traffic for your Cligs? You can now do that by creating different Cligs for a same destination URL. Eg. I can create a Clig for this post and share it on Facebook. Next, i create a second Clig for this post and share it on Twitter. With the analytics built in, i can easily track which site is bringing me more traffic for this post. Got it?

3) 301 Permanent Redirect - SEO Friendly
Afraid of losing your link juice via URL shortening services? Cligs provides users with a short URL that supports 301 Permanent Redirect which means the destination URL can now receive the full benefit of link juices. Isn't that great?

Okay enough of the positive values that it can bring to the mass users. Mr Pierre (Creator of Cligs), i believe it is time to get a brand new design for your website. Confused? Take a look at Cligs Website.


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