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Link Building 101 - The Slow Approach

Posted on : 24-09-2008 at 2234 hrs
Author : Rif Chia

Link Building - The Slow Approach  

Link building which many webmasters believed to be the core of Search Engine Optimization, is done via various techniques such as blog commenting, articles submission, directory submission, press releases, etc.

"Never build links too quickly" Statements such as this, has been popular on the Net over the years, with the main concern that it might trigger Google's suspicions and get your site flagged as a link spamming website.

Google's approach towards link spamming has taken a further step with an updated Google Patent named Information Retrieval Based On Historical Data which states the possibility of detecting link spamming with the purpose of boosting a site's rankings.

The following is an abstract from the updated documentation:
The dates that links appear can also be used to detect "spam," where owners of documents or their colleagues create links to their own document for the purpose of boosting the score assigned by a search engine. A typical, "legitimate" document attracts back links slowly. A large spike in the quantity of back links may signal a topical phenomenon (e.g., the CDC web site may develop many links quickly after an outbreak, such as SARS), or signal attempts to spam a search engine (to obtain a higher ranking and, thus, better placement in search results) by exchanging links, purchasing links, or gaining links from documents without editorial discretion on making links.

With the above abstract in mind, how does one ensure that his or her site does not get flagged as a spamming site? The key to it is to understand the importance of Quality over Quantity and build natural links to a site SLOWLY.

Tags: SEO, Link Building

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