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Does Pagerank Affects Your Search Engine Rankings?

Posted on : 01-10-2008 at 0016 hrs
Author : Rif Chia

Pagerank Update Sep 2008  

Over the past weekend, there has been a new Google Pagerank update that lasted over a period of 4 days. Many websites (including ours) experienced a drop in their homepage's pagerank and were left wondering why.

It seems like Google has been lowering lots of websites' pagrank in their last few PR updates which includes many of the authority sites too. However, now the question is: Does a drop in pagerank affects your website's rankings in search engine results?

Google Pagerank is simply a measurement of the importance and authority of a website. However, this little green bar has been seen as an important value by webmasters and advertisers in the monetization of a website. Eg. A website with a PR 5 can fetch advertising dollars ten times that of a website with a PR 0. Over the years, it became a problem for Google when webmasters tried different techniques to manipulate their pagerank value in order to earn more advertising dollars via their websites. And this is how the concept of NoFollow Attribute was introduced in Google system to prevent the manipulation of Pagerank value.

In the past, Pagerank used to play an important part in a website's keyword rankings in the SERPs. However due to the manipulation of the PR value, it became less important in SEO's context and eventually, i believed the pagerank does not directly affect a website's rankings in SERPS. Why do i say that? This is totally based on my experiences and results may differ from sites to sites, however generally this should be the same for most websites.

Let's take a look at a printscreen of search result rankings for the keyword: SEOSearch Result Rankings is ranked #3 for the keyword SEO which is two placement below the Wikipedia Entries for SEO. With only a PR 2, our corporate website still managed to rank on top of our competitors whom have a much higher pagerank value of PR3, PR6 and PR5 respectively. Even though has been dropped to a PR 2, our rankings still maintained their positions after every PR updates and the only reason that we can derived is that PR does not neccessarily contribute to the rankings of a website in the SERPs. This has been the same for most of our keywords' rankings in our industry as well as across other sites that we owned.

How about your websites? Does Pagerank affects your rankings? Share with us.

Tags: SEO, Google, Pagerank

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