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Marketing Tactics In A Plunging Economy

Posted on : 02-10-2008 at 0223 hrs
Author : Rif Chia

Plunging Economy   

With the economy taking a downturn, how should business re-evaluate their marketing strategies? Faced with an uncertain economy, companies worldwide should start focusing on internet marketing or online branding campaigns that yield short as well as long term Return On Investment (ROI) results.

Internet Marketing Campaign has been getting popular among companies over the past few years, mainly because the cost involved is relatively cheaper than offline maketing campaigns and it usually results in long term ROI. With that in mind, companies are now reducing their offline marketing budgets and spending more on internet marketing campaigns such as SEO and PPC.

I personally believe that Local SEO should be an important part of an internet marketing and branding campaign in the Year of 2009. Unlike offline marketing, local SEO campaign targets local searchers who are looking for certain information, products or services that the company can offer. By ranking on the top page of local search engines, companies can now easily drive traffic into their site and convert these visitors into potential customers.

Uncertainies lie ahead in the Year of 2009, what kind of marketing and branding campaigns do you have in mind? Share with us.

Tags: SEO, Internet Marketing

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