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Yahoo Launches Web Analytics (Beta)

Posted on : 10-10-2008 at 0044 hrs
Author : Rif Chia

Yahoo Web Analytics   

Yahoo has announced the plan to roll out Yahoo Web Analytics (Beta) service in phases for the remainder of 2008 and into next year.

According to Jitendra Kavathekar, Yahoo’s Web Analytics VP, Yahoo Web Analytics (Beta) has been made available to Yahoo! Small Business, whose 13,000 hosted e-commerce customers can now set up easily with a click of button.

The Beta version will also be available to selected Yahoo advertisers and third-party application developers.

Born out of the acquisition of IndexTools in May 2008, Yahoo! Web Analytics (beta) provides powerful data and insights reporting that help website owners evaluate their marketing performance and tweak their website designs. Shortly after the purchase of IndexTools, Yahoo’s Dennis Mortensen announced the company’s plans to make Yahoo Web Analytics free. Webmasters will also receive custom real-time reports and graphs that can help them slice and dice metrics like sales, page views, and sources of traffic and ultimately identify ways to amp up their visitor satisfaction.

In its FAQ about the new analytics service, Yahoo suggests three reasons why its product is better than the competition (Google Analytics, etc):

  1. Real-time Data: “While some analytics products provide data 24-48 hours after collection, Yahoo! Web Analytics reflects data within minutes of collection.”
  2. Raw Data: “While some products store aggregated data, which restricts the usefulness of the data to pre-created or canned reports, Yahoo! Web Analytics stores data in non-aggregated raw form.”
  3. Ease-of-Use and Flexibility
   Yahoo Web Analytics Interface

To receive updates on the new Yahoo Web Analytics service, you may sign up via an online form at the homepage of Yahoo Web Analytics (beta).

Tags: Yahoo, Web Analytics

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