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Search Engines Evolution - The Impact on SEO

Posted on : 19-11-2008 at 0140 hrs
Author : Rif Chia

Google Search Results Evolution  

Over the years, search algorithms have been evolving frequently to deliver the most relevant results to the searchers of today's world and have since evolved into modern sets of ranking methods which might affect the future of Search Engine Optimization.

Behavior Based Search Concept
Once in placed, everybody who does a search for a similar search term might end up with different results based on their search history. Behaviour Based Search or better known as Personalized Results will impact searchers globally by the first quarter of 2009 with the help of third party cookies, etc.

For example, given the search term "Apple". Some may be searching for specific Apple products such as IPOD or IPHONE while others may be searching for apple fruits. With the search history data, search engines will be able to understand the behaviour of users and provide relevant results accordingly.

The Impact on SEO: We can't search for any term and analyze the rankings because the results i am receiving might be different from the rest for the exact same query.

Intent-based Search Concept
If you have noticed, this concept has already been slowly reflected on our search results. Google has been tracing IP addresses and revising the search results based on IP. By having IP addresses, search engines know where their users are located and can make assumptions about the intention of their search.

For example, user "Thomas" may have been doing research search on Apple IPhone for a week and user "Angel" may have been shopping search for Apple IPhone for a week. The results delivered to both of them will be different because a page that ranks for a research query will be entirely different from a page that ranks for a shopping query.

The Impact on SEO: Rankings may not be dead. Why? Search engines such as Google will still deliver traffic to your site and this time round, the traffic coming into the site has better intention of either knowing more about a particular product/service or wish to buy the product/service.

Universal Search Concept
This concept will put videos, audios and images into play. Search engines such as Google can look at audio files and convert sounds into text. They can navigate within videos or scan your site for presence of videos, audios and images. The universal search is a complex concept and it will be used to analyze how engaging your site is.

The Impact on SEO: Your site' rankings will be at a losing end if your competitors' sites are much more engaging than yours.

Get Ready For Search Evolution
Be prepared for the start of 2009 where we will start to see lots of "Google Dances" for at least the first quarter of the year. These concepts will definitely help Google to fight against spammers, because if they are just scraping text for content and spamming links, they wouldn't be able to rank anymore. Searchers will also benefit from these concepts which provide them with more relevant results as compared to now.

For SEO and Internet Marketing companies, it is time to focus more onto traffic, bounce rates, actions, goals, conversion, brand awareness. Search Engine Optimization and Marketing is far more than just ranking your clients' sites on the first page.

Tags: SEO, Google

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