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How To Survive Economic Downturn With Web Analytics

Posted on : 02-12-2008 at 1929 hrs
Author : Rif Chia

Search & Internet Marketing Campaigns In An Economic Downturn
It is very common for a business to run multiple search & internet marketing campaigns for a similar marketing objective, therefore it is important to understand the overall performances of a website and its campaigns, including the conversion rate, click through rate, bounce rate, traffic volume, traffic sources, etc.

To achieve an in-depth understanding of the various performance metrics, a Web Analytics tool with comprehensive features should be put in place. This allows a business to determine its website's performances, identify successful campaigns and compare & adjust different campaigns to meet its common marketing objective.

The importance of web analytics will continue to increase, especially in the year of 2009 where new concepts such as Universal Search, Intent-Based Search and Behaviour-Based Search start kicking in.

  Web Analytics

Web Analytics V.S Realistic Marketing Results
Rand Fishkin at SEOmoz lists web analytics as one of the top seven reasons that companies are investing in Search Engine Optimization during the economic downturn. "It's sad, but true," he says. "When a downturn arrives or panic sets in, someone, maybe the first someone in a long time, checks the web analytics to see where revenue is still coming in. Not surprisingly, search engine referrals with their exceptional targeting and intent-matching are ranking high on the list."

Analyzing your website can bring in valuable data about your online marketing efforts. As such, thoughtful decisions can be made with regards to the various marketing campaigns, including:

  1. Is the banner ad placement on a particular website bringing in quality traffic? If so, what is the percentage of the traffic that converts into potential leads?
  2. Is your website's bounce rate relatively high? If so, which are the pages to improve on or are the landing pages effective?
  3. Employing PPC campaign requires constant monitoring of the account to improve its quality score and keywords' pricing. Which are the keywords / placements that aren't performing? Remove these keywords or its placements if necessary.
  4. And many more valuable data.

With the valuable web analytics data, a business can manage its online marketing & advertising costs effectively by eliminating or re-allocating lower budgets to campaigns that aren't performing. This will help to achieve lower running costs and yet better results. Below listed are the Top 5 Web Analytics Tools recommended to attain better marketing Return On Investments (ROI):

  1. Google Analytics
  2. ClickTracks
  3. WebTrends
  4. Omniture's SiteCatalyst
  5. WebSideStory HBX Analytics

Tags: SEO, Google, Web Analytics

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