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Why A Good SEO Campaign Can Be Costly?

Posted on : 12-12-2008 at 0311 hrs
Author : Rif Chia

It is a common knowledge that SEO isn't rocket science and it can be learnt for free via many online portals such as blogs and professional sites dedicated towards Search Engine Optimization. Since SEO isn't rocket science, many people are surprised by how much it could cost in engaging a GOOD SEO company or consultant.

Recently, i met a friend of mine whom previously worked as a senior programmer at a reputable ecommerce solution company. He shared with me an unforgetable experience which i believed can be used to relate to this particular topic.

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This friend of mine (Randy) was the developer of an ecommerce application that brought high volume of sales to the company he worked for. Years after the development, his company was acquired and the management staff was re-shuffled to meet new future objectives. In the process of re-shuffling, many senior staffs including him was sacked to cut costs. However, maintenance of the application still has to be done periodically because many clients depended on it for day to day operations and the higher management decided that the junior programmers are more than capable of handling it.

Maintenance are frequently done by the junior programmers and eveything went well for the next couple of months. One day, a mistake was made while editing a component and the entire application failed to work. Operation of the application ceased and calls started pouring in from their clients worldwide. Reputation was losing by the minute and the management has no other choice but to call up Randy for help.

Randy, at that point of time, was a freelance programmer and operates at his own freedom. Though relucant to help, he dragged his foot to the company and analyzed the problem. Within the next couple of hours, Randy told the director that he will charge SGD$ 25,000 to fix the application and guaranteed that the program will operate as usual in the next few minutes.

With no other choices available, the management agreed and Randy started editing. He changed a few lines of codings and the application started working as usual. Amazed at how simple it was, the director asked why it was so costly to fix the errors and Randy answered: "My time is worth SGD$5000, however my experiences are worth SGD$20,000".

This real-life lesson teaches us that there are things which can be learnt, however it may takes considerably more time, effort and experiences to master the skills and use them efficiently. It is always wiser to hire subject matter experts for a particular task and spend the additional time in growing your business to the next level. Engaging a good SEO company or consultant may be costly, however the good ones charge for what they do best, and this is why their clients are willingly to pay.

Tags: SEO, Internet Marketing

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