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Development of - Independent Dofollow Search Engine

Posted on : 09-01-2009 at 1854 hrs
Author : Rif Chia

It has been a year since we launched our free Dofollow search engine built using Google Custom Search and attracted thousands of webmasters worldwide. Throughout the past year, we have received numerous rewarding feedbacks and discovered that the customization of the dofollow search engine is quite impossible due to the fact that it operates via Google Custom Search.


Currently, all the web based dofollow blog search engines out in the market relies entirely on the technology of Google Custom Search to retrieve and display search results accordingly. The technique used in the development of such dofollow search engine is done by entering the URL of the dofollow blog into Google Custom Search which allows the Google spider to index and store the pages of the blog.

However, this technique has numerous disadvantages in terms of usability and customization. Let's analyze its disadvantages:

Usability Issues

  1. Display every pages in search results, including non-blog post pages. Eg. Contact Us, Services, etc...
  2. Unable to sort results by date, pagerank, no. of diggs, no. of bookmarks, etc.

Customization Issues

  1. No additional information about the particular result. Eg. The number of diggs for the page, alexa traffic, etc
  2. Page Rank is not shown for each particular result.
  3. Unable to track which are the pages that have already been commented on.
  4. Unable to track if commented blog posts still contain the inbound link to your targeted site.
  5. Unable to identify if indexed pages are still dofollow.
  6. Unable to track the pagerank of commented blog posts.
  7. Much more...

In Conclusion
We have always wanted to provide an unique dofollow blog search tool and this is quite impossible if we continue to rely on Google Custom Search technology for storing and retrieval of search results. 2 months ago, joins in the development of a brand new dofollow search engine with our US counterpart and beta tests concluded that we are able to improve the efficiency of link building via blog commenting by more than 200%., the official site of our brand new dofollow search engine is currently indexing more than 17935 uniqe blog posts and includes many features such as displaying of pagerank value & social media information of each blog post, sorting results via date, pagerank & social media value, campaign management, campaign tracking, etc... is still at the Beta stage and we will be releasing free accounts to 100 webmasters for beta testing early March this year. Webmaster whom are interested in testing out this dofollow search engine, please leave a comment on this blog post and we will contact you via your website.


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