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Paid Directories Becoming A History

Posted on : 11-09-2008 at 0124 hrs
Author : Rif Chia

Paid Directories Becoming A History  

Paid directories, soon becoming part of Search Engine Optimization's history, were once regarded as one of the best link building strategies back in the golden days where manipulation of search results were easily done.

As the search engines' algorithm gets complex and smarter, more considerations are now being factored into ranking web pages and delivering the most relevant results to the end-users. In order to be inline with their ultimate goal, search engines such as Google began their mission against websites that believed to have violated their holy guidelines.

Tags: SEO, Google

Testing Out Google Chrome For The First Time

Posted on : 06-09-2008 at 2135 hrs
Author : Rif Chia

Google Chrome

It has been 4 days since the launch of Google Chrome and after reading so many different reviews on this new browser, i have decided to try it out personally and give a brief review of the application. (Googlebot, i am reviewing Google Chrome and promoting this application, so please reward me!!!)



Tags: Google, Chrome

Filing Google Reconsideration Request For Penalized Site

Posted on : 30-08-2008 at 0351 hrs
Author : Rif Chia

How to File a Google Reconsideration Request  

What is Google Reconsideration Request?
Google Reconsideration Request is often the last resort to restore your penalized website into Google's website indexes. There are many reasons as to why a website can be penalized and banned from Google's search results and the most common one is by violating Google's Webmaster Guidelines.

Tags: Google, SEO

Manage Your Website Ads With Google Ad Manager

Posted on : 27-08-2008 at 0858 hrs
Author : Rif Chia

Google Ad Manager

Google has officially released Google Ad Manager which can help you sell, schedule, deliver, and measure both directly-sold and network-based inventory. It offers an intuitive and simple user interface, Google serving speed and reliability, and significant cost savings. Best of all, Google Ad Manager can be optionally integrated with Google AdSense to offer you an automated way to maximize the revenue of your unsold and network-managed inventory.

Tags: Google, Adsense

Automated Rank Checking Blocked By Google

Posted on : 27-08-2008 at 0216 hrs
Author : Rif Chia

WebPosition Blocked by Google
Rank Checker

After years of threatening, Google has finally honor its promises to block automated rank checking softwares, webwares and plugins which consumes their computing resources.

As of 5th August, most of the automated rank checking softwares have reportedly failed in processing queries on Google. Lately, web applications such as and plugins such as Firefox Rank Checker are also experiencing the same problems when performing automated rank checking.

Now this led us into thinking how this move by Google will affect various group of people around the world.

Tags: Google, SEO

Enhance 404 Pages By Google Webmaster Tools

Posted on : 22-08-2008 at 0131 hrs
Author : Rif Chia

Google Webmaster CentralAs mentioned in the previous post "Custom 404 Pages Help Search Engine Optimization", your visitors may end up on your 404 Not Found page for a variety of reasons:

  • Mis-typed URL
  • Broken or truncated links
  • Moved or removed content

Users' behaviour varies when confronted with a default 404 page, some may try to correct the URL while others may click on the back button or navigate away from your site.

Tags: SEO, Google

Google Now Crawls Flash Content. Does That Increases Conversion?

Posted on : 16-08-2008 at 0356 hrs
Author : Rif Chia

Flash Sites Can Be Indexed

Flash Can Now Bring In Higher Search Traffic From Google
Google has been developing the Flash indexing algorithm by integrating Adobe's Flash Player technology. This new algorithm will be used to index textual content in Flash files of all kinds, from Flash menus, buttons and banners, to self-contained Flash websites.

In the past, website with flash content has to be presented in another way to the robots, in order to ensure that its content can be indexed by the search engines. However with Google's new algorithm, webmasters can now expect higher visibility of their published Flash content which will help to bring in more search traffic. Now the question is How Does It Increases Your Conversions?

Tags: SEO, Google

Minimizing Google Sandbox Effect

Posted on : 08-08-2008 at 0057 hrs
Author : Rif Chia

Google Sandbox Effect

It's never easy for newcomers to enter a market and there are barriers of different kinds. For newcomers to the world of search engines, the barrier is called a sandbox – your site stays there until it gets mature enough to be allowed to the Top Positions club. Although there is no direct confirmation of the existence of a sandbox, Google employees have implied it and SEO experts have seen in practice that new sites, no matter how well optimized, don't rank high on Google, while on MSN and Yahoo they catch quickly. For Google, the jailing in the sandbox for new sites with new domains is on average 6 months, although it can vary from less than a month to over 8 months.

Tags: SEO, Google

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