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SEO Benefits of Blogging and its Platforms

Posted on : 13-01-2009 at 1914 hrs
Author : Rif Chia

What are the key SEO benefits of blogging? In this video, Stephan Spencerwill discuss the key SEO benefits of blogging and various SEO platforms in the market.   SEO Advantages of Blogging

Tags: SEO, Video

Is Buying and Selling Paid Links A Good Practice?

Posted on : 18-12-2008 at 1616 hrs
Author : Rif Chia

It is a clear statement that Google does not like the idea of buying and selling paid links. However, if practicing this method does improve your rankings, is it a bad thing afterall? This is a video of Rand Fishkin from SEOMoz elaborating more on this topic.
  Buying and Selling Paid Links

Tags: Link Building, Video

Video on Google Searching Tips by Patrick Norton and Matt Cutts

Posted on : 07-12-2008 at 0438 hrs
Author : Rif Chia

Patrick Norton and Matt Cutts recap some useful tips for searching Google more efficiently. Refresh your skills on searching online for information.
  Google Search Tips

Tags: Google, Video

Is Your Website Ready For IPhone Mobile Search?

Posted on : 05-12-2008 at 0112 hrs
Author : Rif Chia

Mobile search has been gaining popularity in recent years, especially with the development of mobile phones such as IPhone that provides better browsing and search experiences. With the introduction of more IPhone alike mobile devices, is your website ready for mobile search? This video discusses some of the main factors you need to consider in terms of your website's iPhone readiness and compatibility.

  IPhone Mobile Search

Tags: Video, IPhone, SEO, Mobile Search

Safe Link Buying Techniques by Aaron Wall

Posted on : 27-11-2008 at 0455 hrs
Author : Rif Chia

The most ideal method of link building is to obtain links naturally, however there are times where buying links is necessary to get a business recognised. Although Google does not approve link building in terms of cash exchange, an indirect approach is still acceptable. Enjoy the video where Aaron Wall from discusses the various techniques in buying links indirectly.

  Aaron Wall

Tags: SEO, Link Building, Video

Search Engines Evolution - Interview With Bruce Clay

Posted on : 23-11-2008 at 1726 hrs
Author : Rif Chia

Bruce Clay on Ranking is Dead  

This is a video interview of Bruce Clay dicussing the topic on search engines evolution. Enjoy.

1) Search Engines Evolution - The Impact on SEO
2) Search Engines Evolution - Interview with Matt Cutts

Tags: Google, SEO, Video

Search Engines Evolution - Interview With Matt Cutts

Posted on : 23-11-2008 at 0325 hrs
Author : Rif Chia


We wrote a post previously on Search Engines Evolution - The Impact on SEO and this is a video interview of Matt Cutts on the topic. Enjoy.

Tags: Google, Matt Cutts, SEO, Video

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