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Web Design Category

Top 10 Tips for a Visitor-Friendly Web Site

Posted on : 05-08-2008 at 2229 hrs
Author : Rif Chia

Make things clear for your visitors  

Make it clear what you do
It may be obvious to you, but your site needs to spell out to visitors what it's about. You'd be surprised how many sites seem to make the assumption that visitors will know the company, understand their products or services and are familiar with all the latest jargon. Make sure your home page states clearly, in a paragraph or less of readable copy, who you are, what you do and what you've got to offer.

Tags: SEO, Web Design

Getting SEO Right From the Start - Tags and Designs

Posted on : 05-08-2008 at 2208 hrs
Author : Rif Chia

Meta Tags For SEO I have met so many business owners whom are very much concerned over the performance of their website, only after a few years of operation online. This prompts me to spread and educate the business world on the importance of getting things right on your website framework. You can never imagine how much potential profits it can bring to the business and please remember what i am going to say because it will help your business website significantly in search engine rankings.

Tags: SEO, Web Design

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